Mushroom Farmer Brothers ki Success Story दो भाइयों ने मिलकर बनाया 7 करोड़ों का कारोबार

Mushroom Farmer Brothers ki Success Story :

Mushroom Farmer Brothers ki Success StoryMushroom Farmer Brothers ki Success Story : You have read so many stories about the business start up  ,But This story is tremendous. This is the story of two farmer brothers who made crores through his skill in farming.

Today We are going to talk about the A3R Mushroom , Whose owner are Rishabh Gupta and Aayush Gupta.

A3R Mushroom Farms was started by two brothers Aayush Gupta and Rishabh Gupta who
live in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. They started this company in the year 2021. Rishabh
Gupta used to work in Dubai before this business, but when the COVID 19 disease
spread in the world, Rishabh returned back to India. After coming  back to India,
Rishabh started organic farming on his family’s 3 Acre Land because Rishabh
already had interest in farming and at same time his brother finished his BBA degree

,so he insist him to join his business and then Both started the farming of cucumber but initially they didn’t get success so they switched their faming in Mushroom.

Now the struggles begins from here . Both have not any knowledge of Mushroom farming so they started to take training form International Experts.

After which both the brothers built a cold chamber and different facilities for the
cultivation of button mushroom and they started mushroom cultivation in a good manner.

Initial Problems

Initially They faced so many problems .Many times his mushroom crop  got spoiled, but he never gave up and continued on his farming project and The day came When They started to get good and quality Mushroom.

A company worth crores

A3R Mushroom Farms, a company started in the year 2021, has become worth crores today. Today, both brothers Aayush and Rishabh grow about 1600 KG of mushroom crops every day. Besides, the demand for mushrooms of their farm is also very high, due to which both the brothers together are earning around Rs 2 lakh a day.

If we talk about their annual earnings, then every year the A3R Mushroom Farms company of these two brothers is making a revenue of more than Rs 7 crores, due to which the valuation of A3R Mushroom Company has reached crores. So in this way both brothers Aayush and Rishabh together have created a company worth crores just by selling mushrooms. We hope that from this post you would have got information about A3R Mushroom Farms Success Story, share it with your friends so that they can also get information about A3R Mushroom Farms Success Story.

Mushroom Farmer Brothers ki Success Story

Mushroom Farmer Brothers ki Success Story Mushroom Farmer Brothers ki Success Story Mushroom Farmer Brothers ki Success Story

Process to grow Mushroom in Summer Season

  1. Choose Heat-Tolerant Mushroom Varieties: Select mushroom species that are more tolerant of higher temperatures. Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus spp.), for example, are known to be more adaptable to warmer conditions.
  2. Control Temperature and Humidity: Mushrooms generally thrive in cooler temperatures and higher humidity. You may need to create a controlled environment, such as using a climate-controlled room, a greenhouse, or a shaded outdoor area. Consider using fans or air conditioning to keep the temperature within the optimal range.
  3. Select the Right Substrate: Different mushrooms require different substrates (growing mediums). Common substrates include straw, wood chips, or a mix of both. Choose a substrate suitable for the mushroom species you are cultivating.
  4. Prepare the Substrate: Sterilize or pasteurize the substrate to eliminate competing organisms. This can be done by boiling, baking, or pressure cooking the substrate. Allow it to cool before inoculating with mushroom spawn.
  5. Inoculate with Mushroom Spawn: Purchase or prepare mushroom spawn, which is the mycelium of the mushroom. Mix the spawn with the substrate in a clean environment. Distribute the mixture into growing containers or bags.
  6. Incubation Period: Place the inoculated substrate in a warm and dark environment for the mycelium to colonize the substrate. Maintain the temperature within the optimal range for the specific mushroom species.
  7. Introduce Fresh Air and Light: Once the mycelium has colonized the substrate, expose the growing containers to fresh air and provide indirect light. Oyster mushrooms, for example, benefit from exposure to natural light.
  8. Maintain Humidity: Mushrooms require high humidity during the fruiting stage. Regular misting or the use of a humidifier can help maintain optimal humidity levels.
  9. Harvest: When the mushrooms have fully developed, harvest them by cutting or gently twisting them from the substrate. Harvesting at the right time ensures the best quality and flavor.
  10. Repeat or Start New Batches: Some mushroom varieties can produce multiple flushes. Once you harvest the first batch, you may be able to induce additional flushes by maintaining the right conditions.

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